10 Steps To Finding Your Personal Style

Dream Wardrobe Personal Style Upcycled

Wardrobes. What is even the point of a wardrobe if we always just go for the same exact few pieces everytime? It can be exciting to get cool new pieces but then we realize that 2 months down the road they never get worn. And not because we don't like them, but because we don’t know how to wear them. I want to help you fix this dilemma. Let's change our entire wardrobe, and don’t get scared, we can do this all by thrifting so you don’t have to worry too much about investing a lot.

To start, this technique is not only going to help you uplevel and love your wardrobe but help you know exactly what to shop for and find your personal style as a bonus.

  1. Lay out the pieces that you wear ALL the time (whether they are sweats or your favorite jacket) 
  2. Observe these pieces and try to come up with 2 words that describe them all
    1. Usings adjectives such as the common theme in color, fit, era, or even the feeling they give you
  3. Now, go and pick out the pieces in your closet that you love but just never wear because you aren't too sure how to
  4. Looking at this pile come up with one adjective that describes them best
  5. Now all those pieces are left in your closet you can decide to donate them or put some of them away in storage if you don’t want to get rid of them.

Now you have 3 words and that right there sister is your personal style in a nutshell. Not to mention, now you have more space in your closet. Sounds too good to be true right? Welp, simplicity is beauty and that, my friend, is the beauty of personal style. Now that you have your style guides you can now put them into action. Here's how. 

  1. Put the two piles of clothes in one and start putting together some outfits you like
  2. Try them on, lay them out, whatever you got to do
  3. Now document each outfit you came up with by taking a photo
  4. Make a photo album in your camera roll and label it style guide

Now you can scroll through these outfits to decide what would be best to wear for the weather or sort of event you are going to.

Now, when you go thrifting you can think of your 3 guides and it will help you decide on what you actually should buy. That really cool orange cardigan that looks very trendy, chances are you probably will never wear it. This technique will save you money and time.

To cultivate your beautiful wardrobe you need a stock of good quality basics and statement pieces. Find a day to hit your local thrift store. First look in the jeans section try to find pieces that you think will fit well and are within the 3 word guideline. Do the same in the other bottom sections (skirts, shorts, dress pants etc). Next sift through the tops section and keep an eye out for basic tops that fall within your range (these are usually best to keep neutral but go with your preference). Then go to the outerwear section and look for layering statement pieces such as cardigans, sweaters, jackets, vests, etc. Check the shoe section and accessories (jewelry, belts, hats etc). Once you have these pieces you are already on your way to cultivating your favorite wardrobe. 

To set your wardrobe into overdrive now you can consider investing in some more nicer end statement pieces. These could be anything from upcycled reconstructed outerwear pieces to your favorite pair of shoes you've been eying. 

This technique has helped me so much with my own personal style journey. I was inspired by this lovely gal I follow on TikTok @allisonbornstein6. She was the one who actually taught me these techniques and has changed my whole view on personal style. My three words are oversized, 70’s and neutral. I have cultivated a wardrobe that includes a few of my favorite high waisted 70’s flare jeans, lots of white/neutral cropped tops/corsets, oversized mens blazers, neutral toned baggy blouses and knit sweaters. I also have a small business called Earthy Emi where I take thrifted clothing and upcycle them into wearable art pieces. So, I have quite the stock of statement jackets and pieces that I can pull from. Some of my favorites are my white cropped jackets with patchwork and line art on the back. 

So sister, what're you waiting for? Go hit the thrift and create your dream wardrobe. Also, keep in mind, it takes time to create your wardrobe so take as much time on your journey as you see fit. Can’t wait to see you rocking your personal style. 

<3 Emi